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Welcome to Colin McQuilkin Design: Where Imagination Meets Reality!


We believe that true innovation flourishes in an environment of collaboration and shared vision. When you partner with Colin McQuilkin Design, you become an integral part of the creative process. We listen, we understand, and together we bring your ideas to life, infusing them with our expertise and artistic flair.

Unleash the Power of Interaction
We are an innovative interactive production company dedicated to creating captivating and immersive experiences that blur the line between imagination and reality. With cutting-edge technology and a passion for pushing boundaries, we bring your ideas to life like never before.
Immersive and Interactive Experiences that Transcend Boundaries
Step into a world where you are not just a spectator, but an active participant. Our interactive experiences transport you to new dimensions, engaging all your senses and leaving you breathless. From mind-bending projection mapping adventures to interactive installations that challenge the status quo, we redefine what it means to be entertained.
Unleash the Creativity with Projection Mapping and Lighting Design
Our team of visionary video content developers and lighting designers know how to captivate audiences with visually stunning storytelling. We blend creativity with technical expertise to craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience. From concept development to production , we have the skills to bring your vision to life.
Fabrication that Brings Dreams to Reality
In the realm of fabrication, we are the masters of turning dreams into tangible reality. Our skilled artisans and craftsmen meticulously bring your ideas to life, using a combination of traditional techniques and state-of-the-art tools. Whether it's creating interactive props, unique set designs, or mind-blowing installations, our fabrication expertise ensures that every detail is crafted to perfection.
Collaboration and Innovation at Our Core
At Interactive Productions, collaboration is our foundation. We thrive on partnering with visionary individuals, brands, and organizations to create truly groundbreaking experiences. Our team of passionate experts works hand in hand with you, bringing together diverse perspectives and harnessing the power of collective creativity. Together, we push the boundaries of what's possible and create unforgettable moments.


Are You Ready to Be Transformed?


Embark on a journey of limitless possibilities with Colin McQuilkin Design. Join us as we revolutionize the way we interact, create, and experience the world around us. Explore our portfolio, connect with our team, and let's turn your dreams into reality.


Welcome to the future of interactive experiences. Welcome to Colin McQuilkin Design!

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